Press Release - Yee Celebrates Online Voter Registration Day

Press Release - Yee Celebrates Online Voter Registration Day

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

“Everyone should be included in our democracy” says Yee

SAN FRANCISCO – Today, Senator Leland Yee (D-San

Francisco/San Mateo) celebrated the first ever California Online Voter

Registration Day in an effort to get more Californians to utilize online

voter registration through the Secretary of State’s website.

“The use of online voter registration has been overwhelming with

nearly a million Californians taking advantage of the convenience of the

new system,” said Yee. “However, with millions of eligible voters still

unregistered, we must continue to push for increased participation in

our democracy.

All eligible California voters can register now at

Under Yee’s SB 397, passed in 2011, Californians were given the

option to go to the Secretary of State’s website to register to vote.

Over 910,000 Californians have used the system to register to vote or

update their registration since last year.

“Simply put, voting should be easy,” said Melissa Breach, Executive

Director of League of Women Voters California. “While many states are

making it harder to vote, California is using technology to make

registering almost as easy as sending an email. Despite registering

almost one million voters online last year, there are still almost 6

million eligible Californians who are not yet registered. Including

online voter registration on every state Web site is a great next step

to increasing and diversifying California’s electorate.”

It is estimated that only three quarters of those eligible in California are registered to vote.

Those who registered to vote using the new online system last year

were found to be significantly more likely to cast a ballot in the

November election.

According to Political Data Inc. (PDI), turnout was 84.7 percent in

Sacramento County from those who registered online – 10 percentage

points higher than the county average.

Orange County saw similar numbers: those who registered to vote

online turned out at 82 percent versus the county average of 72 percent.

Fresno County saw an even larger uptick in turnout among those who

registered online: 78.2 percent turnout for online registration voters

versus the county average of only 57.7 percent – more than a 20

percentage point difference.

“Not only were we able to increase turnout among those who registered

online, but we significantly increased participation among young people

and first time voters,” said Yee. “Today, and any day, is a great day

to register to vote.”

Yee authored two other pieces of legislation regarding voting access

this session. SB 44, signed by the Governor last Monday, will require

all state websites to have a link to the Secretary of State’s voter

registration page. SJR 14, passed last Thursday, calls for the

restoration of the Voting Rights Act.


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Yee Celebrates Online Voter Registration Day

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