Webinar on Redistricting Reform

Webinar on Redistricting Reform


Should your state or community have an

independent redistricting commission? We held a webinar on July 11, 2012 to

talk about the overwhelming success of California's

2011 redistricting process.


Galambos Malloy and Stanley Forbes, two members of California’s
new Citizens Redistricting Commission, joined League members who

worked to establish this revolutionary reform to discuss how the independent,

transparent and fair redistricting process worked in California.

Listen to the recording <link to the recording> and

read our materials:

  • The webinar slide show 
  • LWV California Redistricting Resources
  • A flyer (front

    and back


    from the campaign for the ballot initiative that established the commission.

For more information on redistricting in California, see here.


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