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Why Should I Join?

Almost half of regular $70 dues--$32--goes to support LWVUS, our national organization.   Another $28 goes to LWVC, our state organization.  And $2 goes to support LWVBA, our regional organization.  LWVO retains only $8!  That's why LWVO's fundraising activities, particularly the All-City Luncheon, are so important.  That's how we fund activities that benefit the Oakland community.  

LWVUS supports more than 700 local and state Leagues.  What exactly does it do with your money?  It uses it to promote the type of good eov't we all want.  For instance:

  • LWVUS engages in litigation and endorses and lobbies for legislation that promotes fair elections, such as the Fair Elections Now Act, a small donor-focused public financing bill.  This will help reduce the influence of wealthy donors and big-money special interests by creating a voluntary system of public financing for Senate candidates.
  • LWVUS has also endorsed legislation that would require public companies to disclose critical information about their exposure to climate-related risks.  This proposal would help investors appropriately assess those risks, accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, and reduce the chances of both environmental and financial catastrophe.
  • It hosts informative webinars to keep local Leagues up to date, covering everything from League management issues, such as find raising, technology deployment and membership promotion, to programmatic initiatives, such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Census outreach.
  • It prepares toolkits to local Leagues to launch new programs such as She is Me, a digital campaign to introduce the LWV to new audiences online in our 100th year.  Check out the campaign microsite!

What about LWVC?  It studies, educates, and advocates for initiatives important for California.  Some current priorities are:

  • Redistricting.  CA has garnered national recognition for introducing independent, nonpartisan redistricting throughout the state, yet local gerrymandering persists.  LWVC advocates for legislation to combat partisan and racially-discriminatory gerrymandering at the local level.
  • Voting Rights.  LWVC is co-sponsoring Free the Vote legislation to restore the right to vote for 50,000 people on parole in California - people living and working in our communities right now - by placing an initiative on the 2020 ballot to amend the CA Constitution.  It also supports efforts to make the electorate in CA more representative of the population as a whole, producing bi-lingual material and targeting young voters via preregistration.  
  • Schools and Communities First Initiative.  LWVCf is part of a broad coalition of groups that collected over 850,000 signatures to qualify this initiative for the November 2020 ballot.  Through this measure we can reclaim $11 billion every year for our schools and communities by ensuring that corporations and wealthy property owners pay their fair share.
  • Climate Change.  LWVC Climate Change Task Force is a group of over 200 League members across CA who are working on climate action.  To join the Task Force, email
  • Criminal Justice Reform.  LWVC Task Force reviewed criminal justice positions from state and local Leagues across the country.  Based on that research, they drafted this Criminal Justice position so that local Leagues can educate their communities on best practices that will ensure safety and justice for all, and so that LWVC can advocate for/against proposed criminal justice legislation at the state level.

LWVBA makes good use of its $2 by publishing the Bay Area Monitor, sponsoring Bay Area League Day conferences on topical issues, and advocating on behalf of regional good government.  

When you renew, you are contributing to national state, regional, and local organizations that work hard every day to make a difference in the political future of our country.

What Do I Get?

You automatically become a member of the Bay Area Inter-League Organization, LWV California and LWV of the United States. You will receive their publications along with the newsletter from the Oakland League of Women Voters called the VOTER which is usually published twice each year.  Sign up for our e-blast newsletter!  You will have the knowledge that you are adding your voice to a powerful force of members from all 50 states, Washington DC, the Virgin Islands, and Hong Kong.