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Understanding the Issues

Amendment 4 - Voting Rights Restoration for Returning Citizens

Visit Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, our partner in voting rights to overcome returning citizens' disenfranchisement from our democracy. The Brennan Center for Justice, the American Civil Liberties Union, Stetson Law School, FRRC, and the Poor Peoples' Campaign are all partners with in a broad coalition to restore voting rights.

The League of Women Voters of FL, LWVNPC, Stetson University College of Law, The Florida Bar Association, the Pinellas ExOffender Re-Entry Coalition, the Community Law Program, and several others collaborated on a day of attorney training to help qualified returning citizens register to vote. Here is a video of Filea returning citizen in FL explaining why his right to vote is so important to him.

Poverty, Health and Juvenile Justice Committee
Poverty/Health/Juvenile Justice Committee Meeting

The health disparities of COVID19 are magnified in our marginalized communities and among residents struggling to avoid eviction and their already fragile economic stability for themselves and their families. Our Local LWVNPC Poverty, Health and Juvenile Justice Committee meets the 3rd Wednesday monthly 5:30-6:30PM, hosts speakers and events, and would love your participation as a League member. You will be educated, informed, and actively learn to give voice to relevant problems and concerns with legislators. If you'd like to join our committee, contact lwvpoverty [at] (Beth Hovind) for more information.
There is also a LWV Florida state-level Poverty Action Team focusing on Economic Opportunity and Affordable Housing. That group meets statewide the 2nd Thursday Monthly 5:30-6:30PM. Sign up here.  Take the Poverty Quiz here. Review our bibliography to read about poverty, though much has only worsened since the Pandemic.

Constitution Revision Commission (CRC)

Every 20 years, the people of Florida have the opportunity to amend the state constitution by placing the issues directly on the ballot and bypassing the Legislature. The CRC will guide this process in 2017. 

See the League of Women Voters of Florida for more information.

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