Volunteer Opportunties - Make a Difference

Volunteer Opportunties - Make a Difference

Explore the areas that match your skills and interests. Together we can help make democracy work!


Poverty, Economic Opportunity and Affordable Housing | Voter Services | Newsletter | Transportation | Environmental | Education | International Relations | Rights Restoration | National Popular Vote

Poverty, Economic Opportunity and Affordable Housing

  • Research poverty, equity and affordable housing
  • Create presentations explaining League positions.
  • Educate others on poverty/health issues.
  • Advocate with non-profit agencies and legislators.
  • Present League recommendations to local and state boards.

Want to know more?  Contact lwvpoverty [at] gmail.com (Beth Hovind).

Voter Service

  • Register and update voters.
  • Participate in and organize candidate forums.
  • Prepare Voter Guides.
  • Observe County Canvassing Board during elections and other meetings.
  • Conduct Supervisor of Elections interviews.

NOTE: If you want to volunteer to register voters, you must first be a League member and be certified by the League of Women Voters of Florida.

For more information, please see:
Want to know more?  Contact coordinator doris.reeves.lipscomb [at] gmail.com (Doris Reeves-Lipscomb).

Newsletter (The Voter)

  • Read our current issue!
  • Proofread The Voter before distribution to the membership.
  • Contribute articles and photos for publication in The Voter on such topics as:
    • Summary of one of the LWVNPC events.
    • Interview with a speaker prior to the LWVNPC event.
    • Summary of LWVNPC committee activities.
    • Interview with a new member.
    • Progress of bills related to issues on which the League has a position.
Want to know more?  Contact ptoohey518 [at] gmail.com (Peggy Toohey).

Regional Transportation

Monitor the organizations that are working on solutions to transportation needs in the Tampa Bay area.

Want to know more?  Contact bill.jonson [at] usa.net (Bill Jonson).

Environmental Action Group

Monitor the Florida Legislature to ensure they observe the following:

  • Adhere to Amendment 1, the Florida Land and Water Conservation Act passed in 2014, as intended by voters.
  • Restore funding for the land conservation program, Florida Forever.
  • Keep Florida State Parks from logging, cattle grazing, excessive RV camping, and other commercial endeavors.
Want to know more?

Contact dave [at] beyourbestinc.com (Dave Sillman) or pk2020world [at] gmail.com (Stephanie Bolden).

Education Action Group

Provides community education and advocacy for LWVNPC policies and positions on education issues in Pinellas County. 

  • Initiate study of local education issues.
  • Initiate and promote candidate forums for open school board positions as needed.
  • Education League members and the public on LWVNPC positions on education reform and funding.
Want to know more?  Contact flemsci [at] gmail.com (Nikki Fleming)

International Relations

Nationally, the League of Women Voters supports a strong, effective United Nations and endorses the full and active participation of the United States in the UN system.  The League supports UN efforts to:

  • Promote international peace and security
  • Advance the social and economic well-being of the world’s people
  • Ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms
  • Foster trust and cooperation among nations by encouraging adherence to conventions, treaties, and other international agreements
  • Protect the integrity of the world environment
  • Achieve the full and equal participation of women in all aspects of civil and political life.
Want to know more?  

Contact %20JudyMcSwine [at] gmail.com">Judy McSwine.

Election & Rights Restoration

The League continues to be an active supporter of Amendment 4, which restored voting rights to former felons who have completed their entire sentence, except for those convicted of murder or felony sex offenses. The League will actively support voting rights restoration activities for returning citizens in 2020.

Want to know more?  Contact karen [at] owenta.com (Karen Owen)

National Popular Vote 

The LWVFL believes it is time electors are guided by the majority of Americans who agree on the person who should lead the nation.  Acting in concert with the electoral system, we are working to educate the public and legislators about the benefits of legislation that would instruct our electors to vote for the Presidential candidate who captures the most votes in all 50 states.

Want to know more? Contact ellenisiegman [at] gmail.com (Ellen Siegman)