Castleton Area

Castleton Area

Develops questionnaires for local elections and distributes candidate answers to news media, local locations and on this website.  

Members provide transportation to and from polling sites for all elections.

Attends all naturalization ceremonies in Rutland County, stands in official reception line as Naturalization Certificates are presented, hands out voter registration materials and provides assistance in filling out forms.

Calendar of Castleton Area and LWV-Vermont events

  • Castleton Area LWV events shown in orange-red.
  • LWV-Vermont events shown in green.

Contact the LWV in Castleton Area

If you would like to contact the LWV in Castleton area, you may write to:

     LWV Castleton

     PO Box 802

     Castleton, VT 05735

or you may send a message through the form below.

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