Winona Smith Scholarship Application 2020

Winona Smith Scholarship Application 2020

The Winona Smith Scholarship is open to Vermont residents in their senior year of high school.   Recipients must demonstrate an interest in civic participation and community service, have a need for financial aid, and come highly recommended by one of his or her instructors. Scholarship money can be used for tuition for college, vocational training, or other career-oriented preparation.   See the Winona Smith Scholarship page for more information. 

Additionally, a recommendation from a teacher or school representative is required to complete your application.  Please have a teacher or school representative use this form to submit a scholarship applicant recommendation indicating why he/she believes you would be a fitting recipient for the Winona Smith Scholarship Award.  

The application deadline is May 1, 2020. Scholarship recipients will be chosen by June 1, 2020.

Both Essays are Required.

  • Essay 1: Select an issue concerning voting rights or practices and briefly tell us your thoughts about it.
  • Essay 2:  Choose a recent civic, national or world event and briefly describe your thoughts about it.

Please fill out the form below. 

  • You will be able to review your application before submitting.
  • Your application is not complete until we also receive a teacher or counselor recommendation directly from them.
  • All information submitted is confidential and is for the sole use of the Scholarship Committee.


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